Company Profile
About Us
Date of
October 29, 1993
Amount of Capital35 million yen
RepresentativeTomohiro Nishikawa
Business fieldManufacture ofmen’s and women’s clothing
Address2-7-1 Shinsei,
Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi 491-0912 Japan
ContactTEL: 0586(43)6767
FAX: 0586(43)6770
Number of
20 (14 males and 6 females)
Main customerTrading Company,Spinning Company,
Apparel Manufacturer
House bankMUFG Bank, Ltd., Nagoya Main Office
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd,Nagoya Branch
Mizuho Bank Ltd.,NAGOYA-CHUO Branch
October 1993
In Ichinomiya City, Aichi, known as a woolen fabrics production area,
established as a company for planning, manufacturing and selling fabrics for high-end men's clothing.
Started domestic sales for women's clothing.
Started export and sale of fabrics to South Korea.
Started export and sale of fabrics to China.
Started export and sale of fabrics to Europe. (Proportion of sales: Japan: 90%, Overseas: 10%)
In the textile production, as a business succession measure against the progress in aging, acquired a weaving factory in operation in Kaizu City, Gifu, which was our subcontractor.
Recruited young workers and continued the woolen textile industry by inheriting skills from craftsmen.
Management philosophy

Produce high-quality and good products that meet the needs of the times,
and provide them to the global market at reasonable prices without delay.

Description of business

Plan ourselves the process from the selection of raw materials for threads to the production of fabrics, outsource spinning, dyeing, twisting, weaving and finishing, and sell the completed fabrics to domestic department stores, specialty stores and apparel companies distributing clothing to suburban mass